Procaine HCl and its effects on the diseased cells. 

In summary, the procaine HCl molecules being composed of a molecule of PABA (p-aminobenzoic acid), a B vitamin, hooked through an ester linkage to DEAE (diethylaminoethanol), a precursor to the B vitamin choline, functioned in the body as a true vitamin molecule at a cellular level effecting cell membranes.

Since the diseased state of a cell that is responsible for most degenerative diseases involves or is precipitated by malfunctions of the cell membranes, the inability of the cell to repair and rebuild new healthy membranes, it followed that this compound procaine hydrochloride ( procaine HCl ) could be very useful in helping degenerative diseases by improving the ability of the cell to renew, repair and rebuild diseased cellular membranes thus normalizing cellular function.  The normalized healthy cell in turn would correct the functional problems caused by the diseased state.

Dr. Ana Aslan continued the research of several French scientists which earlier showed the procaine HCl injections over a period of time would reverse the effects of various forms of arthritis.  She stated using injections of procaine HCl on the geriatric patients in her clinic.  The results were very promising.  However there was a problem the injectable solutions would become cloudy after a short period of time, which made them unusable.  She did that which was a common practice at that time (1950's).  To stabilize the injectable solution she added benzoic acid, potassium metabisulfite, and disodium phosphate. 

These additions stabilized the procaine Hcl solution by maintaining the pH around 3.3.  She found that this stabilized procaine HCl was far more effective than the unstabilized procaine HCl solutions.  Dr. Aslan's clinical research using Gerovital H3 (GH-3) through the years has contributed greatly to the improved health of tens of thousands of people throughout the world.  She died in 1988 at the age of 91.  Her contributions to mankind are of great importance.  She was truly one of the great scientists of our time.

Why the stabilized procaine HCl was more effective than the unstabilized solutions. 

The chemistry of procaine showed that procaine in the bloodstream only has a half-life of 0.6 of a minute before destroyed by the enzyme pseudocholinesterase in the bloodstream.  The stabilized procaine HCl solution had a half-life of over 6 hours (six hundred times greater active life span in the blood). 

The increased life span was due to the fact that the benzoic acid complexed with the procaine HCl forming a double salt of amino groups on the procaine molecule.  The HCl hooked to the tertiary amino group on the diethylaminoethanol part of the molecule while at an acid pH of 3-4 the benzoic acid hooked on the p-amino group of the PABA part of the procaine molecule. 

This double salt formation caused the procaine molecule to fold over covering the ester linkage, causing steric hindrance, which made the ester linkage of the procaine inaccessible to the splitting action of the pseudocholinesterase enzyme.  This extended the useful life of the procaine in the bloodstream giving it more time to be assimilated into the cells.

The amount of benzoic acid used to stabilize the solution by Dr Aslan only complexed 15 mgs of the 100 mgs of procaine HCl in her injectable solution.  This left 85 mgs or 85% of the active material to be destroyed in less than 10 minutes by the enzymes in the blood.  So naturally one would ask, why not complex the whole 100 mgs of the procaine HCl thus making it 6 times more effective. 

However there was a problem the amount of benzoic acid necessary to complex 100 mgs of the Procaine HCl would be more than the law would allow.  The law only allows 0.1% of benzoates in any food product.  Benzoic acid provides no benefit to the cell.  Higher concentrations would be a powerful allergen to many people.  The problem was to protect all of the procaine HCl with something other than benzoic acid that could possibly help in the cellular function of the procaine HCl.

A family of procaine double salts was developed, protecting the procaine HCl
and at the same time help in the process of restoring cellular health.

Complexing procaine HCl with the B vitamins niacin, folic acid, and biotin also with many amino acids, and with citric, ascorbic.  Fumaric and many other biologically active organic acids.  These double salts are the basis of the U.S. and foreign patents.  The combination of some of these complexes, those that are most helpful in helping the procaine restore normalcy to the cell, is the foundation to Ultimate9.

In the Ultimate9 all the procaine HCl is complexed and protected which makes it theoretically 6 times more active than GH3.  Through the years used by thousands of people has provided the evidence and case histories to more than substantiate this.

Dr. Ana Aslan's GH-3 injectables were far more active than the tablets produced in Romania and in other countries.  However, the tablets that are produced by companies contain the proper proportions of the original formulation don't contain the complex that is in the injectable of Ana Aslan.  Tests for proper procaine complex have been made on all of the GH3 tablets that are sold around the world, at least those that are known, and not a single one; including the Romanian tablets contain the complex or GH3 factor.  Even though they contain all of the components of GH3 they are but a mixtures of the powders tableted. 

The Ultimate9 and those that are manufactured under the patented process are the only ones that contain the true GH3 factor.  Our GH3 capsules is of the original formula of Ana Aslan and contains the same factor and complex as the injectable GH-3 of Dr. Aslan.

The Ultimate9 are protected under U.S. Patent Nos. 5,283,258, 5,254,686, 5,283,068, 5162,344. 

Australian patent Nos. 332917, 046241.  Canadian patent No. 2,012,021


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